#1 Quest for Chicken on a Stick, aka Yakitori: 10 ways in Omotesando

Last week, we went to a delicious yakitori restaurant. This place is so delicious.  At first, we had traditional yakitori. First two pictures had many types including neck, skin, thigh, liver, coccyx etc.. Then, Yoda-San grilled the heart. Finally instead of dessert, we had chicken wings and fried chicken.

11119112_1455848948064465_5409230293986775435_n 11350647_1455848991397794_5227235914428374914_n-1 11391241_1455848864731140_2933581611304198547_n 11392782_1455848824731144_939551348098675435_n 11401053_1455849074731119_6022011487849471421_n 11401198_1455849098064450_8279934943287970840_n 11401383_1455849191397774_285875153925901159_n 11406966_1455849041397789_6132422170492423357_n

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