#1 Do you Shabu Shabu? Sukiyaki meets Shabu

Last night, we had a Mitsui Incubase re-union and Kurabayashi-San took us to a fantastic Sukiyaki / Shabu Shabu place called Imahan.  Imahan is where the wagyu beef is from.


Usually, when eating shabu shabu, the customer dips the meat in the bowl. In this case, we didn’t shabu shabu but the waitress cooked everything for us so that the meat was cooked to perfection. Everyone received a small bowl with a scrambled raw egg and sauce that created a small Sukiyaki bowl. Three main courses were served: just beef, then mushroom, and then tofu with onion.

IMG_0860 IMG_0859 IMG_0857unnamed-1 unnamed unnamed-4 unnamed-3 unnamed-2


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