#1 Iidabashi Italian: Zarpa

Zarpa is in Iidabashi – the neighborhood where French and Italians settled years ago. I went there with my Coto Language Academy friends Amelie and her husband, Satoru-San. Zarpa is a French style restaurant.  The atmosphere was cozy and romantic. The food was delectable. They made a steak dish that was wrapped in pistachio leaf.  The tomatoes were somehow marinated overnight to bring out the taste.  At last, the dessert was something I’ve never tried.  The ice cream palette was an actual palette that one could dip ice cream into different sauces. The green tea / spinach creme brulee ended our adventure.  http://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1309/A130905/13169502/

steak tomato tumblr_nsff20MErS1ucoy9co1_400 tumblr_nsff20MErS1ucoy9co2_540 tumblr_nsff20MErS1ucoy9co3_540 tumblr_nsff20MErS1ucoy9co4_400 tumblr_nsff20MErS1ucoy9co5_400 tumblr_nsff20MErS1ucoy9co6_400


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