#2 Sashimi

The summertime fish have come out in Japan so we went to a nice sashimi restaurant. We ate aji, cochi, isaki, and Katsu-Maguro. The cochi was unexpectedly chewey and aji was very fresh. We ate shrimp that was still living, a swordfish head, and for dessert a bowl of uni rice. Ive also attached a picture of the Edo Period Food Calendar to demonstrate how food changes every season in Japan. Its quite interesting actually.

11407167_1455856708063689_8221917217807277031_n-122400_1455857218063638_1402765279050980118_n 10405296_1455856638063696_1731664506913152953_n 11140231_1455856658063694_1772329393600026705_n 10406349_1455870184729008_2969963813267782570_n


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