#2 Yakiniku: Korean Style+Wasabi Marinated

wasabiLast night, i went to a small yakinuku wasabi place in Tokyo with Jonathan Venuto Rory Gill Nigel Bath. Their specialty was Kalbi marinated and basted in Wasabi for over 24 hours. This combination was fantastic. Look out for future posts on how to marinate in wasabi. 昨晩わさびをついていた超美味しかった焼肉を味わった。24時間以上肉がマリネしていました。どうやって作るんかあとで教えます。http://r.gnavi.co.jp/p825400/?sc_lid=RS_todetail_shopname

11351242_1451836771799016_109179115972575240_n 11391240_1451836751799018_4371809911043343393_n


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