Tofu Ukai Kaiseki : Michelin Star 東京 芝 とうふ屋うかい

If you like Tofu, this is one of the best kaiseki menus in town.  It is located right under the Tokyo tower so it makes for a great dinner + tourist spot.  The ambience is as nice as the food. The tofu melts in your mouth. They are famous for Tosui Tofu, which is eaten together with rich soy milk and a special broth. It is a traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine with seasonal Hassun and Otsukuri for the best in Japanese flavor.  But the dinner is not only tofu, it is actually a very Japanese style set dinner with sushi, vegetables, etc… There is only one many tofu serving at the very end. Reserve months ahead if you are coming to Tokyo.

We opted for the least expensive choice  – the “Hana” menu which was around 10,000 yen per person. By no means did this leave us short of food, and everything was beautifully cooked and presented. The gracious kimono-clad waitstaff paired with it some delicious and relatively inexpensive sakes, which made it all go down very easily.

The restaurant enjoys spacious grounds and a garden despite its convenient downtown location with view of Tokyo Tower.  The restaurant building itself was actually part of a 200-year-old brewery originally, and it was later moved here.


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