What is Zen Lunch? Refreshing Fish @ Suzunami 鈴波 in Roppongi Hills

Yesterday I ate at Suzunami – a zen lunch place. My friend said that this was a place to get good fish, nutrition, and feel better afterwards. Suzunami specializes in cooking one type of fish extremely well. They also have a variety of other dishes to eat with the fish such as the Japanese pickles and tororo.

But later I learned that is only what makes it half special. Suzunami specializes in Zen cooking.  The food, marinade, and ambience create an atmosphere of relaxation and inner focus. The nutrition balance quickly affects one’s outlook and energy levels. The quantity served is just right. I left there feeling like a new person. I want to learn more about this thing called Zen cooking.

The Zen Monastic Standards states, “If the six flavours (bitter, sour, sweet, hot, mild, salty) are not in harmony and three virtues (light (kyonan), clean (joketsu), dignified (nyoho) are lacking, then the tenzo is not truly serving the community.”








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