Tonkatsu#1: The Most Famous Pork Katsu 豚組

If you like pork katsu, this place is the best 豚組

And is one of the most famous places in Tokyo.  The breading is very light and the pork is cooked tender. It is cooked all day.  They get the pork from a variety of places in Japan.  In fact, it is like looking at a steak menu of beef from all the different regions of the world. I didn’t realize pig meat could be so different.  The best part of 豚組 was the ambience.  The outside appearance had a moon over the restaurant and was like a cabin in the woods. Walking inside, the same feeling remained. The furniture was all wooden, there were candles, and even a stove. They also had fun american 1970’s music playing. 豚組for the best pork in Tokyo.





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